I am a regular speaker, panelist, podcast guest, MC for conferences and events.

Alex has delivered keynotes and annual addresses, spoke at corporate retreats and been a frequent podcast guest. Alex has worked with professors at Middlebury, Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Cornell, Insead and others as guest lecturer or Adjunct Professor for executive education, and full-time students. His book Out-Innovate was named a top 10 business book, won the Axiom Gold Prize, a Financial Times Business Book of the Month, and a Finalist for the McKinsey & Company Bracken Bower Prize for one of the best authors under age 35. It’s available in a 4 languages so far.

Alex can cover topics including


Future of innovation around the world

The best ideas come from anywhere and scale everywhere. The global entrepreneur's playbook flies in the face of Silicon Valley conventional wisdom.


The fintech revolution

Financial services represents 20% of the world economy. The fintech revolution is only beginning. It will be embedded, global, and tackle financial inclusion.


The modernization of venture capital

The venture capital model works extraordinarily well for one type of startup in Silicon Valley. But does not extend to everyone, everywhere. New models are emerging.


Ecosystem Involvement

Startup ecosystems are not built. They are grown. Taking lessons from ecosystems around the world, we can dive into practical strategies for local ecosystems.